February 2018

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Issue 29

WEBINAR: 5 IBM i Message Pain Points (and How to Solve Them)

You arrive at your desk. The system is waiting on a message from last night’s backup. While fixing that, your CIO asks why the subsystem that serves your website isn’t available. She leaves, and someone calls to say their report hasn’t arrived. You resort to DSPMSG QSYSOPR... Sound familiar?

It’s hard to be proactive when’re you’re busy fighting fires. Watch this webinar and see how Robot Console helps you manage your IBM i environment by exception.

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iSeries Server - IP Packet Filtering

This article shows how to configure the IP Packet Filter and describes an example of using the filter to log a journal entry each time the FTP server is accessed.

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Microsoft Excel and Word for the iSeries
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IBM z14 Pervasive Encryption Protects All Data

More than 9 billion data records have been lost or stolen since 2013, according to digital security company Gemalto’s Breach Level Index (breachlevelindex.com ). Only 4 percent of those breaches were "secure," meaning the data was encrypted. A report by Solitaire Interglobal Ltd. and sponsored by IBM, "Pervasive Encryption, A New Paradigm for Protection" (ibm.co/2z8eFBS) found that only 2.13 percent of enterprise data within data centers is encrypted.

"The reality is that encryption is largely absent from corporate data centers," says Nick Sardino, program director, IBM Z* Offering Management. "The low rate for encryption is extremely shocking and disappointing."

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Interesting But Useless Fact:

Half of all bank robberies take place on a Friday.