December 2017

Career Enhancing Technical Intelligence

Issue 27

Create Applications With IBM WebSphere

You’ve probably heard of IBM WebSphere, but interestingly enough, I have found that many folks don’t really understand what the product is or what it does. IBM Websphere is first and foremost a type of middleware. More specifically it’s an application server, which is why it’s commonly referred to as WAS (WebSphere Application Server).

What is middleware exactly, and is that the same term as an application server? What options do you have with WebSphere and what are some of the new features of the most recent version? These are just some of the topics we’ll review here.

Let’s define middleware first. Middleware is the software layer that sits between your OS and applications, on each side of distributed systems in a network. It connects applications together and further enables your communications and management of data and databases. In other words, it’s used by the end-user to create, connect and integrate applications.

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iSeries Server - Send AS/400 Objects via E-mail

If you work with more than one AS/400 system, you sometimes need to copy an object from one system to another. If you don't have compatible save/restore media, you can use the technique described in this article.

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Microsoft Excel and Word for the iSeries
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SQL Server Reporting Services for Developers

Get the practical and relevant skills needed to build graphic, web-enabled reports using no charge Microsoft tools embedded in your SQL server. There is no software to buy. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), is available with all editions of SQL Server, from Express to Enterprise.

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