September 2017

Tokenized Encryption: Documentation Error Handling

This article examines the structure of a cryptographic interface oriented to CICS Transaction Server and MVS. While the focus of this article is on mainframe environments, the principles and concepts apply to all IT systems. Likewise, except for specific programming languages and software, this information applies to all platforms. Function and implementation may vary.

In my last article, I introduced Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance documentation, listed the numerous forms that must be created and maintained, and explained that its importance stems from the fact that this practice isn’t only mandatory for compliance, but essential to enable a swift and efficacious response to a data breach and to insure consistent adherence to PCI standards. I also emphasized that well-maintained documentation is a vital asset for all of IT.

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Subprocedure Tips and Techniques

Incorporating the use of subprocedures into your applications should be on everybody's "to do" list these days. You don't need to drop everything and simply rewrite your applications to take advantage of subprocedures and many of the other benefits that the Integrated Language Environment (ILE) has to offer.

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Microsoft Excel and Word for the iSeries
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SQL Server Reporting Services for Developers

Get the practical and relevant skills needed to build graphic, web-enabled reports using no charge Microsoft tools embedded in your SQL server. There is no software to buy. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), is available with all editions of SQL Server, from Express to Enterprise.

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Issue 24

Debunking Myths About Power Entitlement

In order to put fixes on your OSs or to put firmware on your servers you will need to pass an entitlement check. For those of us who have had to go through this and had it fail, it’s not a pleasant experience to get it sorted out. The best way to avoid problems is to keep track of when your entitlements expire and when they need to be renewed. When discussing entitlement, software refers to SWMA (software maintenance agreements) and hardware refers to HWMA (hardware maintenance agreements). Additionally, for POWER8 and later hardware a UAK (update access key) is set on the system and it must be current in order to download and install firmware.

When software such as AIX is purchased a SWMA agreement is also purchased at the same time. You can check the status of your SWMA (and therefore your entitlement) at the Entitled Systems Support (ESS) website.

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