July 2017

Accessing the Cloud

Since its debut more than three decades ago, IBM’s AIX* OS has continuously evolved to meet the changing business needs of large enterprises. It’s now becoming a powerhouse for organizations seeking to leverage the efficiency and flexibility offered by the cloud.

For instance, a large European financial institution is now managing more than 1,500 virtual AIX servers using the PowerVC* cloud management offering, which interoperates with open-source cloud management technologies like OpenStack. This allows system administrators to deploy and configure new virtual servers (LPARs) in minutes. They also can perform software maintenance on many AIX systems as a single task using Chef, an open-source configuration-management automation tooling IBM has added to AIX.

Like this European enterprise, more organizations are moving to cloud deployments. That might entail constructing their own private cloud, accessing an off-premise cloud service or putting together a hybrid cloud that combines off-premise and on-premise elements.

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Subprocedure Tips and Techniques

Incorporating the use of subprocedures into your applications should be on everybody's "to do" list these days. You don't need to drop everything and simply rewrite your applications to take advantage of subprocedures and many of the other benefits that the Integrated Language Environment (ILE) has to offer.

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Microsoft Excel and Word for the iSeries
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SQL Server Reporting Services for Developers

Get the practical and relevant skills needed to build graphic, web-enabled reports using no charge Microsoft tools embedded in your SQL server. There is no software to buy. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), is available with all editions of SQL Server, from Express to Enterprise.

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Discover the IBM i development strategies in progress at IBM. Reflect on key takeaways from the AS/400 days. Get a sneak peek at the ways Watson can shake hands with IBM i.

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