June 2017

The Great Debate: AIX Versus Linux

In computing circles that I’m involved with, the debate rages on: AIX versus Linux. Administrators wonder, "Why would anyone want to keep running an OS that’s supported by one single vendor? Why wouldn’t you want to move everything to the shiniest and newest operating system and get away from ‘legacy’ enterprise computing?"

The odds are high that most AIX administrators have used both AIX and Linux and are well versed in both. Those that have a background in both OSs are better able to have informed discussions about the pros and cons of the environments compared to someone that has never used AIX, but that certainly doesn’t stop them from having an opinion.

Similar debates have raged on for years within the mainframe community. I’ve lost track of the number of times someone has declared the mainframe to be dead every time a new technology comes along. But when you look at the volume of critical transactions that still happen on the mainframe, it’s hard to believe that it’s going away any time soon.

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Issue 21

IBM Lab Services Helps Clients Stay Vigilant Against Data Hackers

In July 2015, an operator noticed some heavy UNIX* System Service (USS) activity that seemed highly suspicious. Some scripts were sending spam messages all over the world from the client’s mainframe.

The client called IBM Systems Lab Services for z Systems* and LinuxONE*, and the Lab Services team sprang into action. The team of highly skilled specialists has deep technical knowledge in a number of different areas, including network, storage and security for z/OS* and Linux* for z Systems. After performing a forensic search on the client’s system, Lab Services determined that the hackers had made a miscalculation. They thought they’d hacked a Linux system—and hadn’t figured out they were on a mainframe and could access customer data. The hackers had used the system as a spamming machine without digging further. If they’d discovered that the client was managing a large amount of its customers’ personal data, the resulting leak would have been a disaster.

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