January 2018

Career Enhancing Technical Intelligence

Issue 28

Two-Way Message Response with Robot

You have the afternoon off—but not the responsibility of monitoring your system for issues. This includes responding to application and system messages as they occur on your production IBM i jobs.

You don’t want to carry your laptop around just in case you need to VPN back to answer a message that is waiting on your month-end process. What option do you have?

If you have Robot Console and Robot Alert, you’ve got many options!

First, if you’ve done a good job automating your message responses on Robot Console, your message workload should be very low. Undoubtedly, though, there will be exceptions that will need to be escalated to you for special handling.

This is where Robot Alert’s two-way messaging feature can save your day off.

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iSeries Server - IP Packet Filtering

This article shows how to configure the IP Packet Filter and describes an example of using the filter to log a journal entry each time the FTP server is accessed.

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Microsoft Excel and Word for the iSeries
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SQL Server Reporting Services for Developers

Get the practical and relevant skills needed to build graphic, web-enabled reports using no charge Microsoft tools embedded in your SQL server. There is no software to buy. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), is available with all editions of SQL Server, from Express to Enterprise.

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IBM Offers Comprehensive Cloud Solutions

Organizations’ cloud needs are changing. In response to those evolving needs, today’s cloud offerings feature agility, flexibility and a consumable way to pay for the technology. IBM offers a range of comprehensive solutions for on-premises, off-premises or hybrid cloud deployments.

Four key issues—speed and agility of app deployment; pay-for-use capacity consumption; simplified management and automation; and compute resource deployment flexibility—are shaping organizations’ cloud requirements and strategies right now, says Steve Sibley, vice president, IBM Power Systems* Offering Management.

Let’s explore these a bit further, beginning with agility. Today’s business climate requires that organizations be able to build and deploy applications quickly, whether in a public or private cloud. “Cloud gives them more flexibility because of the speed at which you can deploy those applications,” Sibley explains.

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