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For IBMi and AS/400 Professionals
  The Blue Bulletin is a smart way to stay current with IBMi and AS/400 News and Tech. Each issue incluces industry and vendor news, complimentary tech downloads, special offers, and a bunch more!
iSeries Network   iSeries Network, formerly AS/400 Network, publishes iSeries News magazine and multiple iSeries-AS/400 email newsletters. The iSeries Network web site provides industry news, technical information, vendor and product information, as well as a resource to purchase educational material.
eServer Magazine, iSeries Edition   eServer Magazine, iSeries Edition, formerly iSeries Magazine, along with their two email newsletters iSeries EXTRA and iSeries ADMINISTRATOR are produced by an editorial staff housed at Big Blue's Rochester, Minnesota facility. The content here is straight from Big Blue to you.
Midrange Server, Inc   Midrange Server is the home of numerous email newsletters that focus on the iSeries/400 market. They include: The Four Hundred, PTF News, Midrange Server, Midrange Guru, Midrange Programmer, Midrange Stuff, Big Iron and In The Middle.
MC Press On Line   MC Press, the spiritual sucessor to Midrange Computing, publishes two email newsletters MCMagOnline and Midrange Developer as well as a line of books and multi-media products. MCPressOnLine is a resource for technical information, discussion forums, code and article libraries.
Enterprise Systems   The original Midrange Systems magazine, which focused on the IBM AS/400 has since been incorporated into Enterprise Systems, which includes information across multiple midrange platforms.
www.NowWhatJobs.net   NowWhatJobs.net is "The Resource for Job Transitions After 40" providing information about companies and other organizations, colleges & universities, continuing education, franchises and relocation options.
The 400 School   Customization to meet individual requirements is always a top priority for The 400 School.
ASTECH Solutions Inc.   ASTECH is an independent IT consultant. Our team is highly professional and knowledgeable, with strong partnerships with skilled technicians and consultants supplementing the in-house team. ASTECHís unique partnership with IBM strengthens marketing potential and skill base. Our knowledge base, including being an independent consultant and a lead design team for IBM channel enablement programs, gives our customerís leading edge solutions. ASTECH is able to provide a full range of consulting, project, and education services that will help you achieve your business objectives and enable your teams
Search 400   Get news, research, career resources, newsletters, tips and advice that are targeted for the iSeries professional.
IGNITEe/400   IGNITe/400 is focused on the subjects surrounding eBusiness and e-commerce applications using an iSeries-AS/400 with articles, newsletters, a product resource guide and a list of some important IBM web sites that are not easily found on your own.
iSeries Consulting   iSeries Consulting is committed to providing the breathe knowledge and varied technical expertise of iSeries Professionals to fill the gap between limited in house budgets and growing demands on personnel and resources. Founded in 2000, iSeries Consulting has serviced large government and corporate clientele.
MarkMagic/400   MarkMagic/400 Bar Code Label and Forms Software customers design and print bar code labels, forms, and other media, using live iSeries data, without programming.
BrassValley   Visit Brass Valley for IBM AS400- Sales, Buybacks, Maintenance Contracts, Rentals, Professional Services and more at the most competitive rates available.
Jack Richman and Associates, Inc.   Leading provider of Information Technology professionals. Also, JRA Consulting provides consulting services to our clients both short and long term projects, as well as, temp to permanent hires.
Business Partner
Marketing Group
  BPMG designs custom Marketing Campaigns that get results for IBM BPs and iSeries Technologies. Give customers the compelling messages they need for critical purchase decisions.
TriniComp Systems, Inc.   TriniComp Systems, Inc. provides quality new, unused, and refurbished computers and IT products of all platforms including the iSeries-AS/400.
Training/Training Products
Rochester Initiative -(Lab400.com)   iSeries and System i Self-paced Training Products.
Training Catalog
Mid Range Consulting, Inc.   Mid Range Systems of New England provides IBM AS/400 hardware, operating systems and software tools. Its subsidiary, Mid Range Consulting provides IBM AS/400 consulting, contract programming and training.
BVS Tools   Software and Training
AS400 On Line   AS400online.com provides Web Based Training and Computer Based Training.
Synergistic Online Solutions   Synergistic provdies AS/400 hotsite, dedicated server, and data replicated disaster recovery and high availability and managed hosting solutions to clients worldwide.
ACOM Solutions, Inc.   ACOM's iSeries (AS/400) Document and Payment Processing Software Solutions...enable companies with IBM iSeries (AS/400) midrange computer systems to save money and increase efficiency by eliminating pre-printed documents, in favor of electronically stored business forms, checks and labels.

Elevate your efficiency by emailing or faxing documents directly from your iSeries workstations instead of mailing... get rid of file cabinet clutter with electronic archiving... beef up payment security by adding positive pay to your check runs... or move to ACH electronic payments and actually eliminate all or part of your check writing operations.
Quadrant Software   Quadrant Software, an IBM Business Partner, has over a decade of experience providing Paperless Process Management Solutions (PPM). They include electronic forms, enterprise fax, MICR checks, barcode labels, document management, and imaging technologies. Through the years, Quadrant Softwareís products have helped companies reduce expenses, increase productivity, and improve communications.
Business Computer Design   BCD is a leading provider of productivity solutions for the iSeries - AS/400, PCs & the Web. All BCD products are available on a FREE TRIAL basis.
Bytware, Inc.   Since 1988, Bytware, Inc. has maintained its innovative industry leadership with our systems management & notification solutions, MessengerPlus, MessengerConsole, and MessengerNT, and user monitoring & help desk solution, PeekPlus. Last year, the cutting edge security package StandGuard Network Security revolutionized iSeries data monitoring and protection. Now Bytware brings to the iSeries: StandGuard Anti-Virus, the world's first and only native virus detection solution for the iSeries.
Help Systems   Help/Systems, world leader in software for automating AS/400 and iSeries operations, provides enterprise job scheduling, enterprise management, report management, performance management, paging, and more!
Damon Technologies, Inc.   Damon Technologies is a premier provider of iSeries software solutions. We focus on one thing and that is to provide the best software solutions for our clients. Whether your need is small or large, we have the expert staff to help your organization reach its full potential.
BOScom   BOScom (Better On-Line Solutions) offers efficient and innovative PC emulation and connectivity solutions for the iSeries (AS/400) and System/3x environments. Our products support both legacy and evolving platforms - from Twinax to APPC, TCP/IP and Java.
ProData Computer Services, Inc.   For 28 years ProData has been serving the Midrange community. Starting with the System/3 thru the System/38 & AS/400 and continuing on today with the iSeries and into the future with the next computer generation. We are committed to quality, performance and service. We are proud of all our satisfied customers and hope to continue our efforts far into the future.
Affirmative Computer Products   Connectivity . . . simplified. Affirmative Computer Products designs, develops, and supports 5250 and 3270 display and printer products for users of IBM AS/400, iSeries, S/390 and zSeries midrange and mainframe computers. Windows Based Terminals (WBT) and Linux Based Terminals are available with 5250 and 3270-style keyboards, easing the transition between OS/400 and Mainframe applications and Windows or Browser-based applications.
T.L. Ashford   Barcode400 labeling software for the iSeries and AS/400
T.L. Ashford & Associates is on the cutting edge of bar code software development for IBM AS/400 and iSeries midrange computers. The company is particularly strong in the growing market for compliance bar code software that drives the supply chain.
WorksRight Software, Inc.   WorksRight Software, Inc. is the leading supplier of ZIP Code and area code software and data to the iSeries and AS/400 market. We offer: PER/ZIP4 CASS certification software for cleansing of mailing files. PER/SORT presorting software for mailing at the lowest possible postage rates. ZIP/CITY for ZIP Code and area code maintenance. CPC for Canadian postal code information.
CCSS   CCSS is a worldwide leader in IBM® i System Performance Monitoring, Message Management and Wireless Solutions, designed for IBM Power™ Systems running IBM i for Business® and Legacy System i™ Servers. QSystem Monitor, QMessages Monitor and QRemote Control help your business simplify and streamline the management of your IBM i. CCSS has offices in the UK, USA, and Germany with strong partnerships across the globe with a successful worldwide agent network.
Bug Busters   Remote Software Faciltiy: Object distribition tool, CD Builder: CD mastering tool, Rendezvous/400: iSeries news server and chat server, A la Carte Menu and Security System: Application and object access control.
Linoma Software   Linoma Software's many time saving tools will help you quickly transfer data, develop faster and modernize your RPG source.
COMMON   COMMON: A Users Group
Fun Links
Slick Times   Enter the web's premier political satire site. Not for the faint-hearted!
PhotoBucks.com   Clever low cost service puts your picture on a Million Dollar Bill.
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