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XML Web Services for RPG Programmers (XMLR)
Author: Aaron Bartell

This dynamic self-paced training comes complete with source code and instructor led video labs! It takes you from beginning to end on what's needed to create XML web services on the System i - entirely in RPG!

You don't have to learn Java or install the WebSphere Application Server on your System i5 to be successful with XML web services!

XML Web Services for RPG Programmers  
Watch the video tutorial Build an RPG based web service in 16 minutes!.  
XML Web Services for RPG Programmers  
Watch the author-guided video tutorial that shows how to
interactively debug an RPG program that parses XML
XML Web Services for RPG Programmers  
Watch the author-guided video tutorial that shows how to
integrate XML Web Services into an existing application

Here is what you will learn:


  • Have an understanding of why XML web services exist today
  • Gain insight as to when it is right to implement XML web services and when NOT to
  • Understand the different scenarios for XML web services
  • Review alternatives to XML web services


  • Learn where the need for XML comes from
  • Understand how XML is constructed and holds data
  • Understand the role of Namespaces and XPath
  • Gain insight to the most common pitfalls when using XML
  • Learn how to use the free XML tooling in Eclipse (Instructor led video lab)
  • Compose an XML document in RPG from DB2 data (Full source included)
  • Parse an XML document in RPG and place results in DB2 (Full source included) (Instructor led video lab)

Putting Rules Around XML

  • Understand why XSD is necessary when working with XML and when it is used in building XML web service processes
  • Become versed in the structure and syntax of XSD
  • Understand how to specify data types for XML elements and attributes
  • Learn how to modularize your XSD for reuse
  • Incorporate free Eclipse GUI tooling to build an XSD from scratch (Instructor led video lab)


  • Learn what HTTP is and why it was selected as the XML web service method of transport
  • Become versed in the structure of typical HTTP requests and responses
  • Understand how XML is securely transferred in web services
  • Learn how to setup the IBM Apache server for XML web services (Instructor led video lab)
  • Learn how to setup the default SSL capabilities on your System i
  • Learn how to install a Certificate Authority (CA) on your System i
  • Understand how to require a profile and password on your web services and how to supply one when you are connecting to a remote web service (Instructor led video lab) (Full source included)
  • Demonstrate communicating with UPS's Address Validation web service over a secure SSL connection (Full source included)

Publishing Your Web Service

  • Be introduced to different methods for documenting web services
  • Appreciate the role WSDL (Web Service Description Language) files play in documenting XML web services
  • Understand the different components in a WSDL and how they work together
  • Understand the role SOAP plays in XML web services
  • Learn how to best use SOAP and what to stay away from
  • Lean how to determine what the XML request and responses should look like based on a WSDL
  • Publish WSDL on your System i5 Apache server
  • Understand how to use graphical 'drag and drop' tools (i.e. Eclipse) to create WSDLs from scratch (Instructor led video lab)

Developing a Real World Web Service Example

  • Learn how to bring all of the pieces together to successfully offer an XML web service on your System i5 in RPG (Full source included) (Instructor led video lab)
  • Demonstrate the use of web services to share data and business logic within the company
  • Utilize the Web Service Tester desktop application to test your RPG web service
  • Understand common pitfalls in offering web services

Using Web Services to Communicate With Vendors/Third Parties

  • Demonstrate the calling of a remote XML web service to send data to external vendors or processes (Full source included)
  • Learn how to work with XML in memory and in IFS files
  • Learn how to compose, parse and transmit SOAP based XML (Full source included)

Appendix Topics

  • Understand how to debug web services from WDSC (Instructor led video lab)
  • Understand how to debug web services from the green screen (Instructor led video lab)
  • Learn the best tools for tracking down errors (Included on the CD!)
  • Install TextPad for easy XML file viewing
  • Installing and using Wireshark to debug web service calls from a PC to your System i (Instructor led video tutorial)
  • Where and how to get WDSC

About the Author and Course

The author, Aaron Bartell, is a leading authority on RPG programming and XML web services. He has formulated an easy-to-follow, step-by-step course designed to take users to mastery of XML web services with RPG programming in 30 hours.

Included in the course:

  • A powerful proprietary RPG-XML technology suite for training purposes
  • Screen shots and seven (7) step-by-step labs
  • Ten (10) author-guided video tutorials

Software and Hardware Requirements

  • A Windows PC
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater, or FireFox 1.5 or greater
  • A 5250 emulator of your choice. My preferred is TN5250j which is a free download at

The RPG web service API's included with this manual were compiled down to V5R1 which is the lowest OS level you will need to execute the labs and implement web services on your System i.

Required Skill Level

To benefit from this System I training course the reader must have a general understanding of the RPG language and how to call RPG sub-procedures, including language features up to V5R1

Completion Time

About 30 hours.

XML Web Services for RPG Programmers
by Aaron Bartell

Read the Table of Contents

XML Web Services for RPG Programmers (XMLR)
Author: Aaron Bartell

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