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Author: Craig Pelkie

Program Name: WRKHTTP
Program Type:     AS/400 CL
Environment:  OS/400 V4Rx, V5Rx 

Purpose of the Program:

The WRKHTTP command and program provide an enhanced version of the AS/400 HTTP Server CONFIG file editor. Using WRKHTTP, you can perform the following functions:

  • Create a backup of the current CONFIG member before editing.
  • Edit the current CONFIG member with SEU or the system provided editor
  • Print the current CONFIG member before and/or after editing
  • Start PDM for file QUSRSYS/QATMHTTPC to maintain backups of CONFIG
  • Restart the HTTP server after editing

The V4Rx version of the program and command let you choose the instance of the HTTP server to work with. This provides support for the multiple server instance configuration options supported with OS/400 V4Rx.

How to Create:

Download the CL source code and the command source code from this site. Transfer the source members to source files, or enter the source code using an AS/400 editor. Use the CRTCLPGM command to create the WRKHTTP CL program and the CRTCMD command to create the WRKHTTP command.

Running the Program:

Start the program with the WRKHTTP command. You can prompt for the command to override the default parameters

Display CL program source (V4Rx)

Display command source (V4Rx)

Note: To download these files, left-click on the link and use the browser's "file/save" menu option or right-click on the link and choose "save link as".