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Using "subfiles" with Net.Data
Author: Craig Pelkie

File Name: Using "subfiles" with Net.Data 
Environment: Any supported Net.Data environment. AS/400: IBM HTTP Server for AS/400 (5769-DG1), V3R2, V3R7, V4Rx+. 

About this Document:

When you let Net.Data generate an HTML table to display a resultset of a SELECT statement, you cannot control how many rows are displayed per page. However, there are Net.Data functions that let you specify the number of rows to be displayed and that help you to move forward and backward through the resultset.

This article describes a technique you can use to provide forward and backward scrolling when using a specific number of rows from the resultset. The article also shows how to provide a navigation system so that your users can position the resultset to the next, previous or specific page.

Download Files:

Note: The following files can be viewed in the browser by clicking the link.

StartRow.ndm - Net.Data macro  - Net.Data macro code to produce a "page at a time" view of a resultset.

NDSubfile.pdf - PDF file that describes the use of the functions. (Same as the html file above.)

Note: To download these files, left-click on the link and use the browser's "file/save" menu option or right-click on the link and choose "save link as".