You'll quickly build professional web-enabled reports with graphics.

SQL Server Reporting Services for Developers gives you the practical and relevant skills needed to build graphic, web-enabled reports using no charge Microsoft tools embedded in your SQL server. There is no software to buy. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), is available with all editions of SQL Server, from Express to Enterprise.

In this online training course, you will learn how to get started with the tools used to develop, test and deploy reports. You'll see how to develop full-featured reports, including drill-down reports and charts, with interactive prompts that let your users select the data they need.

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"Now you'll quickly meet the most demanding management and end-user requirements for visual, intuitive, easy-to-use reports that provide the data needed for any business requirement."

Prerequisites: This course is ideal for any developer who wants to get started with SSRS and get results fast. You don't need any previous experience with SSRS or SQL Server Data Tools for Business Intelligence (SSDT-BI). You should have some experience with relational databases and know the basics of using SQL, but you don't need to be a SQL Server expert to take advantage of this training. In fact, knowledgeable users who are adept with Excel or other reporting tools will be able to take advantage of this training.

Craig-PelkieABOUT THE AUTHOR: Craig Pelkie has helped hundreds of IT professionals understand enterprise level software and hardware in both Microsoft and IBM products. Craig has trained IT teams at many of America's leading organizations.

He has authored six bestselling IT training courses and written extensively for IBM and Penton Publications. Subjects covered include .NET, Java, SQL, and Web Development.

Craig is renowned for taking complicated programming subjects and organizing them in to step-by-step and easy to understand instruction.

What You Get
VIDEOS: This course includes 30 fast-paced videos that speed up the learning process. The videos show you exactly what you’ll be doing in the labs, giving you a quick overview of the reports you will build and the features you’ll be using.

LABS: In addition to the videos, there are five labs, provided as PDF files. After watching the videos for a topic, you can go directly into the lab. The labs show you how to get started building reports, how to connect to the database and get data into reports, how to add features like graphs and lists of data to reports, how to format a report exactly the way you want it to look, and how to deploy reports from Visual Studio to the Report Server, so that your end-users can start working with it.

Step-by-Step Format: Your training is presented in a logical progression of illustrated hands-on exercises. You learn at your own pace. You see exactly how to build reports with FREE Microsoft tools. No software to buy. If you have SQL server you already have everything you need.

Fast paced and on point: There is no "theory" or lengthy discussions in the videos or the labs. This real-world training works!

With SQL Server Reporting Services for Developers training course, you'll quickly get up-to-speed with the tools, techniques and procedures that you can put to use immediately.
Advantages of Ownership:
  • Create beautiful, full featured graphic reports.

  • Deliver web-enabled reports.

  • Ease of learning. Material is organized in a highly effective, step-by-step format created by one of the     world's leading IT educators.

  • Simplify the most complex report requests. Identify the "unidentifiable." Extract obscure data.

  • Save time & money. No expensive and time consuming hit-or-miss training. No downtime for travel.

  • Self-paced format allows you to integrate the learning with your workflow.

  • No software to buy.

  • Management and user accessible.

  • Professionalize. Enhance your career.
A Note from The Instructor: I have trained the IT teams at some of America's leading organizations. Many of my clients are companies with complex data reporting needs. SQL Server Reporting Services for Developers has helped these companies quickly get up-to-speed with SSRS and SSDT-BI.

Take a few moments to get my new on-line learning program. I think you'll find it to be time well spent. There is nothing theoretical. You will get easy-to-follow, practical instruction you can put to work right away.

Now it's easy to gain the SSRS skills needed for producing professional reports. You'll also accelerate your SQL working knowledge. It's a smart move both for your career and your organization.

Consider the value of quickly creating professional and web enabled data reports. Now consider the value of increasing your SSRS knowledge and skills. It's a smart move for both your organization and your career.

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