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RPG Web Skills Accelerator (RWSA)
Author: Bradley V. Stone

Order RPG Skills Accelerator and RPG Web Skills Accelerator
and Save $150 (for a limited time only)

Take your RPG skills to the web!

This new dynamic self-paced iSeries training from Brad Stone allows you to leverage your existing RPG skills to bring your iSeries applications to the web. By using the core RPG skill you already have, you will avoid resource intensive solutions with a long learning curve.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Experience the speed and low-resource processing that native RPG has to offer when creating web applications!

  • Learn how to use the FREE APIs that are available to you right now on your iSeries for creating dynamic web applications

  • Learn the basics of HTML including tables, forms, images and hyperlinks!

  • Gain important knowledge and experience with web technologies such as JavaScript, Cookies, Stylesheets and Server Side Includes!

  • Learn how to create, start, stop and configure web servers on your iSeries using either the IBM web interface or the green screen!

  • Easily walk through configuring either the Classic or Powered By Apache web server for serving static and dynamic content from your iSeries

  • Learn what goes on behind the scenes with CGI programs and how they interact with your web server

  • Eliminate the need for bulky and resource intensive products such as WebSphere and use native and FREE APIs already on your iSeries!

  • Eliminate the need for intensive and time-consuming training for other web application programming languages

  • Impress your manager, co-workers and customers by creating web applications leveraging your existing RPG skills!

RPG Web Skills Accelerator features 8 hands-on labs and comes complete with an exercise source code CD. You get step-by-step instructions that will show you how to easily get iSeries applications on the web. Get your copy today!

Skill Level: Some experience with RPG programming and database. Any RPG programmer with 1 or more years of experience will be able to successfully complete this course. This course is not intended for end-users or for novice programmers.

Order RPG Skills Accelerator and RPG Web Skills Accelerator
and Save $150 (for a limited time only)

RPG Web Skills Accelerator (RWSA)
Author: Bradley V. Stone

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