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RPG Skills Accelerator (RSA1)
Author: Bradley V. Stone

11 Advanced RPG
Programming Subjects
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You'll learn useful new RPG skills by writing and testing code with Brad Stone's RPG Skills Accelerator. It covers 11 advanced RPG programming subjects, each with one or more labs. Hands-on stuff! This dynamic 25-hour training course comes with an easy-to-follow manual, and a CD with all the training exercise source code. You'll immediately use what you learn to create far better RPG programs. You also get a bonus of four RPG tools (evaluation versions).

Here is what you will learn:

Understanding ILE
Learn how to create and work with sub-procedures, modules, service programs, binder language and binding directories. You'll start with simple examples that show how to create and use procedures in your RPG programs. You'll also learn valuable timesaving shortcuts that make it easy for you to create and manage modules and service programs. After completing the ILE labs, you'll be able to use these powerful techniques with your programs. These labs alone are worth the price of the training!

The SQL Alternative -
With these labs, you'll learn how to use embedded SQL using static and dynamic statements. By mastering these techniques, you'll be able to build database queries that are much more powerful than using native RPG file I/O operations.

A Trigger Template - Working with trigger programs is still mysterious to many programmers. With triggers you can split commonly used database operations out of your application programs. This lab provides you with a trigger program that you can use as a template. Once you've written and tested the template, you can easily modify it and use it as the basis of a trigger program on any of your database files. A great time saver!

RPG Techniques
Fast-paced labs will show you how to work with recursion, data queues, user spaces, sockets, and send e-mail from RPG programs.

Send Email with RPG Programs - Still struggling with the iSeries SNDDST command to send simple e-mail? Upgrade to the more powerful QtmmSendMail API! In this lab, you'll create an easy to use e-mail system, using an RPG program and a command. When done, you'll have an e-mail utility program that you can call from any application running on your iSeries. It's magic!
Introduction to Recursion - Use this lab to become familiar with the concept of recursion. You'll work with a simple lab to compute the factorial of a number, followed by a real-life example of using recursion to print a Bill-of-Material listing.

Data Queues and RPG - In these two labs, you'll create RPG programs to write entries and read entries from the data queue. The labs demonstrate how you can use data queues to split complex applications into smaller, easier to work with components. Worth it's weight in gold!

Working with User Spaces - Many of the iSeries APIs write to user space objects. To make use of the API, you need to know how to work with the user space. In these labs, you'll work with a set of RPG procedures to "wrapper" the user space APIs. You'll then use the wrapper APIs in an RPG program with the List Objects (QUSLOBJ) API.

RPG and Sockets - What if you could write RPG programs that can communicate with any other computer, using TCP/IP? In this series of labs, you'll learn how to use sockets, the low-level TCP/IP communication technique used to link client and server programs. You'll work with an RPG client program that sends data to an RPG server program, and get the response from the server. Now you'll be able to create programs that can accept input from any device. Neat!

System Programming with RPG
Batch File Transfer with FTP - Although you can run FTP on the iSeries from the command line, you'll find it very useful to be able to run FTP from RPG programs as well. In this lab, you'll create a simple command and RPG program that dynamically builds and executes an FTP script. Using this utility, you can automate file transfers from your iSeries to any other computer.

An RPG Exit Program for FTP - This is must-have information, if you are currently running FTP on your iSeries without an effective Exit Program in place. In fact, shut down FTP until you work through this lab! The iSeries provides an FTP server that can be used to upload and download files. To use the server, you need to provide a valid iSeries user ID and password. Unfortunately, once users authenticate themselves, there are no restrictions on the FTP commands they can run. In this lab, you'll learn how to create an FTP Exit Program. The Exit Program will let you provide "anonymous access" to FTP (no user ID and password is required), and more importantly, restrict the FTP commands that are available to an authenticated user.

The IFS and RPG - Although you may be able to ignore the Integrated File System for most of your applications, you'll need to be able to work with it to write effective e-RPG programs and create HTML e-mail. In this lab, you'll learn about APIs that let you read and write to files in the IFS. Armed with this new knowledge, you'll be able to create "next generation" RPG applications that take full advantage of the advanced features of the iSeries. Hot stuff!

This is real-world RPG training that you can put to work for you right away. It's a smart move for your organization and your career! Take your RPG programming skills to the next level with Brad Stone's RPG Skills Accelerator. Get your copy today!

Four Software Tools Included (evaluation versions)

  • GETURI - With this software you can easily send TCP/IP requests to a server, view and store results. You can also retrieve web pages as data. A great tool!

  • MAILTOOL - Now send e-mails from your AS/400 with a simple command – even include 50 attachments!

  • FTPTOOL - Use it to easily configure FTP exit programs, users, operations and paths. Nifty!

  • OUTQTRG - With this tool you can quickly set up and configure events that can be run when spooled files become available on your system. Use it for Email and messaging. The possibilities are endless!

Skill Level: Some experience with RPG programming and database. Any RPG programmer with 1 or more years of experience will be able to successfully complete this course. This course is not intended for end-users or for novice programmers.

RPG Skills Accelerator (RSA1)
Author: Bradley V. Stone

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