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JavaScript for DDS Programmers
Author: Craig Pelkie

File Name:  JavaScript for DDS Programmers
Environment: Any browser that supports JavaScript (Netscape, others) or JScript (Microsoft Internet Explorer).

 About this Document:

Most AS/400 programmers are familiar with the DDS keywords that can be associated with input fields on data entry forms. However, when you create a Web form using HTML, there are no HTML equivalent keywords. To get the same type of editing effect, you need to attach scripting code to your HTML fields.

The most commonly used scripting language for browser-based applications is JavaScript. The JavaScript code is sent to the browser along with the HTML for a form.

JavaScript is supported by practically all browsers (Netscape Navigator series, Microsoft Internet Explorer series, others). By using JavaScript, you can create Web based data entry applications that perform initial editing in the browser.

Download Files:

JavaScript.pdf - PDF file that describes how to use JavaScript to provide field level edits, similiar to capabilities of AS/400 DDS keywords. (Same as the html file above.)

FromChek.js - The FormChek.js JavaScript file from Netscape's developer's site. This file includes many useful functions that you may want to use in your edits. Several of the functions are used in the JavaScriptDemo.html sample form.

Note: To download these files, left-click on the link and use the browser's "file/save" menu option or right-click on the link and choose "save link as".