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HTML for DDS Programmers
Author: Craig Pelkie

File Name:  HTML for DDS Programmers
Environment: Any browser

About this Document:

For AS/400 programmers who are familiar with DDS for display files, making the move to Web based forms involves learning many new concepts. To create functional and usable forms, you need to be familiar with GUI elements and know how to use those elements to get input from your users and display data back to them.

This document describes some of the commonly used HTML tags that you can use to create Web based forms. More importantly, it describes when to use a tag, considerations for using the tag, and how data that is captured using the tag is presented to your server-side program.

Download Files:

HTML.pdf - PDF file that describes how to use HTML to create functional Web based forms. (Same as the html file above.)

Note: To download these files, left-click on the link and use the browser's "file/save" menu option or right-click on the link and choose "save link as".