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Create Mobile Web Applications Using RPG (CMRPG)
Author: Craig Pelkie

You can easily create mobile web applications using RPG on the IBM i. Using the IBM CGIDEV2 web development library with the jQuery Mobile framework, you can quickly create mobile web applications that are perfectly matched to your mobile devices and are easy for your users to work with.

How hard is it to do this? After all, don't you need to know all about HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript? How will all of that work together with RPG? Also, what about the challenges of mobile web applications: different device types and capabilities; limited room to display and work with data; and creating web applications that have the visual appearance of native device apps?

You'll find that by using jQuery Mobile, you can quickly create a mobile web application. You work with easy to code HTML. You don't need to struggle with CSS, and there is only minimal JavaScript code that you might need to add to an application. In short, jQuery Mobile is a high-speed on-ramp to mobile web development. If you haven't worked with it, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to create beautiful mobile web applications, all being driven by RPG code.

No licensing fee. Train as many people at your location as you like. No seminars. No travel. No downtime. Step-by-step self paced format allows you to integrate training into your work flow.

Create Mobile Web Applications using RPG shows you how to work with jQuery Mobile and RPG to deliver full-featured mobile web applications. You'll start by creating a mobile menu system so that your users can easily navigate through your applications. You'll learn how to work with mobile forms that let users view, enter and update data, and you'll learn how to use browser-based validation techniques and AJAX to improve the user's mobile experience.

This lab-based course includes videos and five hands-on labs with step-by-step instructions. By working through the labs, you'll gain valuable hands-on experience in developing mobile web applications, using RPG as the language driving your mobile web applications.

By the end of this course, you'll have a complete mobile menu system that you can use as the basis of your mobile environment. You can quickly and easily customize the menus, providing links to the mobile web forms and pages that you'll learn how to create. All of this is done with RPG, jQuery Mobile and no-charge IBM i software.

Session 1 - Configure the web serving environment on the IBM i, get tools for mobile development

  • IBM i HTTP Server configuration
  • CGIDEV2 download, installation and configuration
  • Mobile device emulators for Android devices and Apple iPhone/iPad
  • Develop/serve initial test pages using CGIDEV2

Session 2 - Using jQuery Mobile to create a mobile menu system

  • The jQuery Mobile framework and its essential features for mobile web applications
  • Using data-* attributes to control interaction with jQuery Mobile features
  • Improve the user interface with jQuery Mobile
  • Create a mobile menu system using jQuery Mobile features

Session 3 - Using jQuery Mobile to enhance forms

  • Features of jQuery Mobile that support HTML form elements
  • Structuring page content with jQuery Mobile
  • How to send data to the device using RPG
  • How to work with data coming from the device using RPG

Session 4- Using the jQuery Validation plugin with mobile forms

  • Features of the jQuery Validation plugin
  • How to code basic edits on form elements
  • Customizing error messages for form elements
  • Advanced error handling

Session 5- Using AJAX for web interactions

  • AJAX coding in the mobile browser using jQuery
  • Use AJAX to perform real-time validation of data
  • Create RPG handlers for AJAX applications
  • Configure authentication options to require a User ID and Password to access a page
Course Requirements

This course is for IBM i professional application developers who are familiar with ILE RPG programming on the IBM i. You should be proficient with ILE RPG (V5R1 or greater), RPG free-format style coding, and know how to compile and maintain RPG programs and source code using standard IBM-provided tools.

You will need access to an IBM i (V5R1+) to work with the lab materials provided in this course. You will work with the IBM i HTTP Server configuration application, and you will create, start, stop and maintain a test web server configuration on the IBM i. To test the applications on a mobile device (phone or tablet), you will need to to access your IBM i web site, using either a publicly accessible web address or an internal wireless environment.

You can use any of your mobile devices (Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone) or you can install one or more of the device emulation programs on your workstation. You can use any workstation operating system, including Windows, Mac OS/X, or Linux. You will download and install no-charge software from various open source projects or commercial software vendors. The course examples target current-generation mobile devices.

The course content includes five recorded video sessions, each approximately 1 hour long. In addition, there are five PDF labs, along with files containing the source code for the labs. You can work through the labs at your convenience. The labs include a combination of RPG programming, HTTP Server configuration, HTML and jQuery Mobile coding to produce the results described in the videos. Each lab will take from 2 to 5 hours to complete.

All questions about the content of this course offering should be directed to Craig Pelkie at