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iSeries Query for Advanced Users (AQY2)
Author: ATS

iSeries Query for Advanced Users is a self-paced, audio-cassette course providing comprehensive, practical training in the advanced functions of Query/400.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

  • Access Query/400 with commands, menu options, or OfficeVision/400.

  • Run query-related CL commands from a command line.

  • Obtain various forms of information about query objects using CL commands and outfiles.

  • Identify and query physical and logical files.

  • Access file members and create data base files using Query/400.

  • Query and join two or more files.

  • Display and print information about fields contained in data base files.

  • Use variable length, null-capable DATE, TIME, and TIMESTAMP fields in a query.

  • Perform specialized functions and arithmetic on DATE, TIME, and TIMESTAMP data type fields.

  • Calculate the difference between two dates or times.

  • Convert any numeric or alphanumeric date field into a DATE data type field.

  • Use advanced query techniques to convert numeric data to alphanumeric, and edit, concatenate, and subdivide fields.

  • Merge data from a query with an OfficeVision/400 document.

  • Use OfficeVision/400 calendaring functions to schedule queries.

  • Use Query/400 to print labels.

  • Perform hexadecimal or national language sorts.

Advanced Query/400 Concepts
Outputting to a Data Base File
Joining Two or More Files
   Matched Records
   Unmatched Records
Querying and Creating File Members
CL Commands
Prompting Commands
WRKQRY (Work with Queries)
TRQRY (Start Query)
RUNQRY (Run Query)
DLTQRY (Delete Query)
SBMJOB (Submit Job)
Delaying a Query via a CL Program
Merging Queries with Documents
Direct Merge
Column List Merge
Multicopy Merge
Dependent Column List Merge
Extracting Units of Time
Conversion to Character Data
Variations in Formats
Arithmetic Operations
Using the Current Date and Time
Record Selection
Break Level Selection
Advanced Topics
SUBSTR Function
DIGITS Function
Concatenate Function
CHAR Function
Break Text
Special Edit Words
Scheduling Queries with OfficeVision/400
Formatting Summary Values

Both data processing and non-data processing personnel who require more information from iSeries data bases.
iSeries Workstation Operations
iSeries Query for Users
OfficeVision/400ÐBasic Word Processing
Self-Instructional Audio-Cassettes
Six Audio-Cassettes
Student Text
Interactive Media
Time Required
Approximately 12 Hours

iSeries Query for Advanced Users (AQY2)
Author: ATS

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