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iSeries Data Base Administration II (ADB2)
Author: ATS

iSeries Data Base Administration II is a self-paced, audio-cassette course providing comprehensive, practical training in the design and implementation of data bases.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

  • Design and create a relational data base for an application.

  • Build a dictionary of data items and convert it into a field reference file.

  • Use standard file normalization techniques to remove redundant data items.

  • Use date data types and variable length fields.

  • Set up, use, and manage the journaling of changes to physical files.

  • Streamline system backup by incorporating file journaling in the backup strategy.

  • Set up a commitment control environment.

  • Perform backward and forward recovery operations under commitment control.

  • Use Open Query File to dynamically select, sequence, and join records in HLL programs.

Relational Data Base Concepts
Data Base Design Concepts
Documenting the Business Function
Entities and Data Items
Design as an Iterative Process
Resolving the Data Base
Homonyms and Synonyms
Derived Data Items
Mutually Exclusive Items
File Normalization
Normal Forms 1, 2, and 3
Boyce-Codd Normal Form
Documenting the Data Base Model
Creating the Physical Data Base

Journals and Journal Receivers
Journal Images
Fixing a Damaged File
Operational Considerations
Commitment Control
"Set" Processing
Commitment Boundaries
Commit Cycle
Notify Objects
Operational Considerations
Selecting Files and Records
Defining Key Fields
Mapped Fields
Select/Omit Processing

Any programmer, systems analyst, or
data base administrator who will have
the task of defining and creating data base files.
iSeries Workstation Operations
iSeries System Operations
iSeries Data Base Administration I
20 Audio CDs
Student Text
Interactive Media
Time Required
Approximately 15 Hours

iSeries Data Base Administration II (ADB2)
Author: ATS

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